4 Months Pregnant-The Honeymoon Phase

4 Months Pregnant-The Honeymoon Phase – exhausted and just want to crawl under arock forever.You found out you’re pregnant and have mixed feeling about it. Making it though nine months seems to be an impossible task. Yet before you know it, you are into yoursecond trimester, and there seems to be a silver lining.

During the fourth month of pregnancy, your body may experience lots of changes. These could be physical and emotional. Now that you’re entering your second trimester, your morning sickness will have reduced or even disappeared. You may also notice a slight bulge of your belly as the fetus grows bigger.

Your baby is now four inches long and is able to suckle and swallow inside the womb. It has well defined fingers and toes and tooth buds also begin to appear. The fetus is looking more like a human being now as it is growing and developing.

The second trimester is considered to be the honeymoon period of pregnancy because you do not experience strain like you did in the first trimester. However, somesymptoms are prevalent like fatigue, constipation, and occasional headaches. Your breast may begin to get enlarged and feel tender, but it will be less compared to the first trimester.

You will find an increase in appetite and fondnessfor certain kinds of food like ice-cream or pickles. Feel free to eat anything your heart desires provided it is conducive to your stomach.

Some women also get swelling around the ankles, hands and faceduring the fourth month. However this is normal and common during pregnancy. Additionally breathlessnessmay also be experienced during this time due to the hormonal reactions. Your lung muscles get relaxed along with other muscles in your body causing difficulty in breathing sometimes.

Emotionally, women slowly begin to accept the fact that they are pregnant and experience an array of moods. Some feel frustrated with their body and others feel extreme joy and anxiety with the realization of their pregnancy.Another common issue women face is forgetfulness of even the simplest of things. This again is due to the hormonal changes of the body and will get straightened out eventually.

Whatever changes your body is going through; the end result is a beautiful baby. You may feel apprehensive since your family is going to expand and you may get second thoughts about having the baby. Keep in mind that no matter how many changes take place, you are getting the greatest gift ever.

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