5 Things You Must Know About Pregnancy After Breast Reduction

For women who put looks beyond anything else, nothing matters until they think about pregnancy. It is indeed a difficult proposition to live with gigantic breasts. They exist only in a pervert’s mind.

In reality, they could be unsightly and do not offer any pleasure to an onlooker, let alone the person who owns them! If you have had breast reduction before you ever became pregnant, you could be having doubts about impending pregnancy.

Breast reduction is not always about cosmetic enhancement. Many a time, it could be the physical discomfort and the excruciating back pain that must have prompted a woman to take that extra step and go for reduction before pregnancy. It could also be due to themental trauma that you have undergone when you had cumbersome breasts to carry around.

Thankfully, be relieved to know that breast reduction before pregnancy does not have any effect on pregnancy. There is nothing that connects your breasts to your pregnancy apart from the fact that they get ready for lactation and hence grow bigger. However, your ability tobreastfeed after a breast reductionsurgery could be questionable.

Here are some facts that you would want to know about pregnancy after breast reduction.

What Happens in the Surgical Procedure

While you went in for the surgical procedure of breast reduction, the glandular tissues in the breasts, fat cells and skin got removed in order to reduce the overall size of the breast. A breast lifting procedure is done as well in order to retain the natural shape of the breast and prevent it from sagging. The breasts are now taut and devoid of any space for growth and there would be much less milk ducts in your breasts after the surgical procedure.

Does Breast Reduction Affect My Fertility?

Many women who have undergone breast reduction surgery may not have thought about pregnancy and breast feeding when they went after cosmetic enhancements. It is only after they get married and think of children that these questions pop up in their mind. You may not have informed your partner about the surgical intervention which makes matters all the more difficult. So are you safe to get pregnant?

Fortunately, you are in luck here, breast reduction does not in any way affect the fertility of a woman. Fertility is connected only to the hormones of your body and has nothing to do with breasts. Though pregnancy will have a certain effect on your breasts by making them swell due to the development of milk ducts while preparing for the breast feeding, your breasts remain largely out of the picture all throughout our pregnancy.

Breast Reduction Side Effects That Can Affect Breast Feeding

Once you become a mother, the breasts become all the more important as you are in the phase of lactation and breast feeding. This is where a woman who has undergone breast reduction will start facing issues which have cropped up as a result of breast reduction. A common side effect associated with breast reduction is numbness in the breasts as a result of damage to crucial nerves and also due to lack of proper blood circulation. This could last only for a few months in most women. However, this lack of feeling can be long lasting in some women and on others it could lead to a permanent damage which is unfortunate.

The numbness of the nipples and the area surrounding it can get in the way of breastfeeding. You would find it difficult to assess if the baby is feeding well and if the position is correct. It would also become difficult to find out if the baby is sucking well and is getting enough milk.

Will the Production of Milk be Adequate After Breast Reduction?

This is an area where most women would have difficulty. Breast reduction is all about reducing the breast tissues. As all breast tissues, including the milk producing ducts look the same, a surgeon would have difficulty identifying the milk ducts and preserving them. Thus, a sizeable amount of milk ducts too gets removed along with the breast tissues during breast reduction. This will lead to reduced amounts of milk which may not be adequate for the baby.

Your baby would have to be introduced to baby food much before the stipulated 3-6 months of exclusive breast feeding. Though this could be a heartache for you, there is nothing that you can do at this stage. Therefore while you do breast reduction surgery, it is important to communicate to the doctor, your intention of getting pregnantand your desire to breastfeed.

This will help the surgeon to at least make an effort to identify milk ducts and leave them intact while conducting breast reduction surgery. Still, you cannot save all the milk ducts in the process. Women who are particular about 3-6 months exclusive breast feeding will have to arrange for pumped breast milk from other sources or postpone the surgery to after pregnancy.

Pain and Swelling Can Interfere With Breastfeeding

Another great side effect many women face during pregnancy after a breast reduction surgery is swelling and pain in the breasts. This could be due to the pressure on the breasts as a result of enlargement of milk ducts and the hormonal changes that affect the body during pregnancy. Since you have done a breast lift as well, the skin start getting taut and stretch beyond its limit when your breast expand during pregnancy.

Stretching will again change the shape of your breast. The scar tissue starts getting strained due to the tension, resulting in pain and swelling. Your breasts may get back to its original size with a lot of discomfort due to the overstretching of skin. Depending on when you have done your surgery, your breast tissues too would be stretched before it heals completely and you will have extreme sensitivity all over your breasts.

After pregnancy, most of the discomfort vanishes and your breasts could return to normalcy. But it may not offer you the same tautness that you have had after the surgery. You will have more scars, stretch marks and wrinkled skin to deal with. It is always agood idea to wait till your pregnancy before you do a breast reduction surgery. That way the results are at least lifelong.

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