Acne In New Born

Acne In New Born – We have all suffered from acne at on time or the other. However, acne is known to occur even in newborns as a result of hormonal changes taking place in the mother’s body when the fetus was developing. These lesions are usually red in color and appear on cheeks, forehead and chin.

They disappear within a few weeks’ time without use of medication. If the rashes do not clear by themselves it is best to consult a child specialist or a dermatologist so that its cause can be found out and treatment given accordingly. This type of acne that normally occurs after three months of birth and takes time to go away is termed as Infantile Acne.

Usually Acne In Babies Is Of Two Types:

1. Papules – that normally resemble pimples due to their swollen, full and red appearance.

2. Pustules – that are acne filled with pus and give appearance of whiteheads.

When infantile acne is diagnosed as a serious condition, examinations are carried out. One of the causes could be hormonal imbalance. The baby’s body starts producing more of androgenic hormone that helps in the sexual development but is also known to give rise to rashes.

Another reason is abnormality in development. Acne, early in life can also be an indicator of improper growth and development of a baby, mentally and physically. There is also drug-induced acne. It is possible that the infant came in contact with powerful drugs during birthing or while being nursed that led to severe outbreaks.

A mother can also help improve the condition by making sure the baby does not scratch or touch the spots. Increase the liquid intake of the baby by giving water and fresh fruit juices. Keep the baby clean at all times. Clothes, bed, and pillow covers should be germ and dust free.

Medical help should also be taken at the right time. Babies suffering from rashes on forehead, cheeks, chin or buttocks are usually prescribed benozyl peroxide for topical application. Gently washing the area with a mild cleanser and then applying the ointment helps.

Many a times the acne goes away in a year’s time. In some severe cases it may persist even until the baby is three years old. In such cases genetics plays an important role. The hormone producing gland in the body secretes more testosterone and this is largely responsible for acne in later years especially during puberty.

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