Baby Teething

Baby Teething – Teething in babies is a very natural process and is different in different babies. Normally teething starts when the kids are of five to seven months old . In certain cases it may occur before fifth month and in certain other cases it may go beyond a year.

By two and a half years babies will have 20 teeth in their mouth. For some babies it will be normal and relaxed process while for others it is a difficult process. Most of the parents don’t want to hear that their baby is in discomfort and pain. Here are some teething symptoms and some methods to ease the discomfort of teething.

Symptoms Of Baby Teething


Teething in some babies stimulate drooling and you can see your baby drooling more than normal during this period.


At the time of teething your baby becomes more cranky and irritable. This may be because the baby may be experiencing pain, discomfort, soreness on the gum.


Some kids may have diarrhea during teething and it can be due to the swallowing of excessive saliva that is produced at this point of time.


Certain kids have slight fever during teething period. Most of the kids wakes up at night and become cranky when the first set of teeth and molars appear. While some other kids have cold like symptoms such as runny nose, cough etc.

Remedies For Baby Teething

Cold Foods

Give your baby cold foods like yogurt, apple sauce, pureed peaches etc. These cold foods may help your baby to avoid the pain temporarily and at the same time add nutrients to him.

Teething Rings

Give your young one teething rings made out of soft plastic and filled with liquid. On chewing teething ring, the gums calm down. If you refrigerate the ring before giving to the baby then the coldness will help to numb the pain.

Chilled Banana

Feed your baby with chilled banana pieces


Massage the gums of your baby with your finger helps to ease the pain. This is because massaging may help to equalize the pressure exerted on the gums as the teeth coming underneath apply pressure on upward direction.

Allow your child to suck a frozen wash cloth may also help to ease the pain.

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