Cervical Mucus After Conception

A woman experience cervical discharge many times during her menstrual cycle and the amount of mucus discharge may vary depending upon the stages of the cycle.

Cervical mucus is a jelly like substance produced by the woman’s body and it plays a major role in conception as it helps the sperm to move towards the egg and fertilize the egg. After the menstruation there won’t be any cervical mucus for three to four days.

Thereafter a slight cervical discharge may be noticed that is sticky and will be cloudy clear to white in color. When a woman is near her ovulation, the amount of vaginal discharge also increases and the mucus becomes sticky and moist and have a consistency similar to hand wash.

At the time of ovulation thiscervical mucus becomes egg white in color and has the same texture as that of egg white and hence is called egg white cervical mucus which is ideal for conception. After the ovulation the amount of cervical mucus decreases again and becomes less slippery till the next menstruation.

Cervical Mucus Pregnancy

If conception happened, then the cervical mucus creates a mucus plug which plugs the opening of the uterus. By the time of implantation usually the mucus becomes quite sticky and loses its egg white consistency.

During implantation many women experience an increase in cervical mucus again but at this point there may be a little blood in it or mucus appears to be pinkish or brownish. This is due to the blood that is produced while implanting the embryo on the uterus lining.

But in certain women this color change may not be noticed and thereafter the amount of mucus that comes out varies for different women as this discharge depends on the level of hormones. After implantation the consistency of cervical mucus remains in egg white consistency itself which is a clear

indication of pregnancy

If a pregnant woman experience vaginal discharge along with itching, foul smell and in tinted green, yellow or grey colors then the chances for having a vaginal infection is high. If the discharge has a consistency of cottage cheese then it may be a yeast infection.

Whatever is the infection it should be treated immediately to prevent any harmful effects on the fetus as it may lead to urinary tract infection which may cause more complications during pregnancy.

Certain bacterial infection may even cause premature delivery. Hence check the vaginal discharge for its consistency. Cervical mucus discharge is not a clear indication of pregnancy but can be taken as an indicator of the stage of reproductive cycle of the women.

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