Cleanliness Is The Key For A Healthy Baby

Cleanliness Is The Key For A Healthy Baby – Once the new life comes into your hands, you should be very careful by providing a clean and germ free environment for your baby. It is not easy as a parent to keep your babies and toddlers 100% germ free and healthy. But there are certain general rules to be followed.

Cleanliness Is The Key For A Healthy Baby

Safeguard your Baby against External Germs – Babies have very frail immune systems; get subjected to infections and other disease very easily. In today’s world, nature is full of pollution, viruses and bacteria, it is very vital to safeguard your baby from these external factors until they develop a level of immunity.

Of course exposure to germs boosts your baby immune system; the body itself develops a defense system of antibodies to fight germs. But Babies have to suffer through all the fighting against germs. Hence till your baby develops into a child take care of her cleanliness, as there are wide spread of certain diseases like Swine flu this cannot be treated very easily.

Day to Day cleanliness is a must – Using Soap solutions and Sanitizers to clean your hands – Simple and sensible precautions like washing your hands before giving your baby her feed, after you come out the toilet.  Any antibacterial soap solution is a must. You can also use hand sanitizer frequently when you are outside your home.

Regular vaccinations- One of the most vital items in your checklist is getting all vaccinations done with in the given period. Get a polio vaccination with injection done. Cleanliness at Home – We clean our homes regularly, but when there is a baby you need to care special care.

Clean your floors twice daily using a disinfectant solution. Bathrooms, kitchen and your baby’s room should be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant solution. Cleaning your baby’s stuff is the most first thing to be done. Keep the bed or cradle of your baby clean and change the bed lining everyday and wash them with an antiseptic and disinfectant solution.

Clean and sterilize your baby feeding bottles carefully. Baby’s tethers, toys, and other stuff should be cleaned and sterilized. I know all this is a tedious task, but better to take care before infecting than to medicate after subjected to infections. Some of the children are prone to dust allergy which not taken care can lead to serious troubles like asthma, atopic conditions and other allergies.

Keep Away items – Small tiny items, choking hazard particles, poisons, like medicines and cleaning agents should be kept away from babies. Remove Food particles on the ground. If you have pets at home then keep them away from your baby as they may cause allergies and infections.

Cleanliness when away from home – Contact with others: Babies under three months it’s best to keep them away from crowds. Going out for a brisk walk won’t harm the baby. But when going to parties or other crowded places people come to touch your baby.  Keep few baby wipes along with you to clean their hands once in a while.

If you want to live in the advanced polluted world, and enjoy it, and ignore high cleanliness regimes then you have to put up with germs and the occasional illness! Of course the baby would fight against illness and gain the Immunity levels!