Constipation During Pregnancy

Constipation During Pregnancy – Constipation is a big menace during pregnancy and most of the pregnant women may face this problems. The major cause for constipation is the hormonal changes that happens during pregnancy.

During pregnancy the body have a tendency to retain more water than normal and at this point body will absorb more water from your food and even from the intestine. Hence there won’t be enough water to soften the stool and this leads to constipation.

Lack of appetite during the first trimester of pregnancy may lead to digestion problems which in turn end up with constipation. Lack of proper food intake during this period may also leads to formation of gas in the digestive tract which may block the stool from getting expelled.

In certain cases iron supplements taken by pregnant women may also cause constipation. The enlarged uterus may compress the digestive tract and thus may cause constipation. Here are some remedies for controlling the constipation during pregnancy.

During Pregnancy


Drink a lot of water daily which helps to hydrate the body and there will be enough water to soften the stool. Take two glasses of warm water on empty stomach in the morning and this may give relief from constipation and helps to flush out all the toxins from the body.


Include ginger while preparing the food for a pregnant woman as ginger helps to ward off the digestion problems. It may also helps to reduce the acidity, gas formation and thus aids in getting rid of constipation. Ginger tea and ginger ale are also ideal for avoiding constipation and bloating.

Fiber Rich Foods

Take foods that are rich with fibers. Vegetables and fruits are found to have good amount of fibers and hence include them in the diet. Cereals like bran oats are also good but while taking bran you must ensure that you are drinking plenty of water. Otherwise barn may aggravate the constipation.


Exercises like swimming, walking etc are good and safe during pregnancy. Exercise may aids in improving the bowel movement and thus helps to avoid constipation. Before doing any exercise you must get the consent of your doctor.

Try to avoid beverages and carbonated drinks that aggravate the constipation.

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