Dealing With Postpartum Depression

Dealing With Postpartum Depression – Postpartum depression is a mental state that may affect any new mother. Although child birth is not less than a miracle but it brings along a number of physical, psychological and chemical changes in the mother’s body. These sudden changes and an added responsibility of the baby may overburden a new mom, making her feel exhausted and frustrated.

Ranging from baby blues to serious postpartum psychosis, prolongation of such a mental state is very dangerous for the health of mother and the baby. As such, it is very essential to treat the symptoms of postpartum depression at an early stage. Here are some suggestions:

Help Yourself

It is true that anybody struggling from a post-delivery depression needs the support of her near and dear ones but what she needs the most is her own patience. If you are suffering from such blues, you have to first accept your state and then fight with the situation. Being a mother is very demanding but things get easier in a short span of time. So spend some time with yourself. Pray, meditate, listen to soothing music, talk to a friend and do everything that makes you feel better.

Fall in Love with Yourself

When feeling extremely low after few days of giving birth, you must address the fact that you are blessed with the power of giving birth and you deserve a reward for that. So fall in love with yourself once again and go for something that pleases you. You may visit a salon to get a facial or buy a new outfit or even wear some good makeup to boost up your confidence level.

Get Support

You can talk to your partner and friends about what you are going through or else join a support group. It is also a great idea to join an online community that will let you get in touch with the other mothers with similar issues. Don’t hesitate in asking for support from your friends, relatives and family as it is a period when you need it the most.

Consult a Professional

If you are unable to fight the depression by yourself and things don’t seem to settle down for as long as two to three weeks from the delivery, you must consult a psychiatrist. Let the doctor know your situation and follow the treatment which may include counseling and mild antidepressants. However, if you are breastfeeding your baby, make sure that any or all medicines taken are safe and harmless if absorbed in the breast milk.

Motherhood is a wonderful experience and postpartum depression is only a petty part of it. So enjoy parenting and feel blessed!

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