Diaper Change – Tips to Change Your Baby’s Diaper

Diaper Change – Tips to Change Your Baby’s Diaper – Most of the new mothers have confusion in changing the diapers of their babies and this may result in health problems to their babies. Here are the stepwise procedure of changing a diaper.

Changing The Diaper

First of all you need to find a place where your can make arrangements for nappy change. Keep all the things you need for changing the diaper on that place so that you can avoid running around for searching things at the time of nappy change. Make a bag having new diapers, baby wash cloth, diaper changing mat, powder, diaper rash cream, plastic cover for keeping the soiled diapers etc.

Take a little warm water and keep it close to the diaper changing area. Now spread the diaper changing mat on the floor or table. Then keep your baby on the mat with his tummy side up. Now unfasten the diaper and slowly raise the legs of your baby. With the cleaned area of the soiled diaper wipe out the excess stool that stick to the babies skin and then fold the soiled diaper and keep it aside. Make sure your baby can’t reach the diaper.

Now with the help of baby wipe and warm water clean the genitals and buttocks of the baby by wiping from the front towards the back. Also wipe and clean the skin folds on the thighs and lower back. If its a baby girl then take care to clean the genital where she may get stool on her labia and vagina. Clean it neatly otherwise she may get urinary infection.

Now keep your baby on a clean cloth and keep a spread new diaper under the baby’s bottom. While placing the diaper beneath the baby ensure that the adhesives straps must be aligned with the baby’s navel. Dry the areas with a soft and clean towel and apply diaper rash cream if necessary. You can also apply powder on the creases of the skin.

Slowly pull the front portion of the diaper between the legs towards the front. Keep the diaper around the baby’s waistline and position it correctly to avoid leakage. If its boy then make sure the penis is in downward direction, otherwise it may cause leakage through the waistline. Take the adhesive straps on the back of the diaper to the front of the diaper and fasten it.

You need to change the diaper of your baby seven or eight times a day. It will be better to change the diaper every time it gets wet.

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