Different Stages of Pregnancy

Different Stages of Pregnancy – The most wonderful experience a woman can go through in her life is pregnancy.A woman should be aware that there can be a lot of different stages during pregnancy.

She should know what to do with herself and her baby at everystage of pregnancy. There are three stages of pregnancy and are also known as trimesters. Each of them lasts duration of three months. Each trimester shows different types of physical changes.

First Trimester – A woman can feel nausea throughout the day during this stage. It is also referred to as‘morning sickness’. Other symptoms of this stage can be breast enlargement and exhaustion. The main symptom is the sudden change in emotions of the woman.

She will start worrying about her delivery or how will she take care of the child when it is born, etc.  And the baby who is inside the womb has just progressed from a small number of cells to life.

Second Trimester – during this stage the woman will be accustomed to some of the changes experienced by her. The morning sickness period will be almost finished. You will also start experiencing the butterfly feeling in your stomach, i.e, the baby starts kicking inside.

There will be a lot of physical changes also. The size of your abdomen will become bigger. The color of your nipples will darken. You will also urinate a lot. This is known as the most fun period of pregnancybecause you tend to gain your diet back.

Third Trimester – this is the last stage of pregnancy. The size of your abdomen will increase more. This will be theslowest period, as you will have the anxiety to get over the pregnancy as quickly as possible.

You will start worrying about the pain during the time of your delivery. Other symptoms like swollen feet and frequent urinationwill make the time slow for you. Just do not forget to follow everything your doctor tells you.

You should exercise during your pregnancy period. Having a nutritious diet is also important. Eat healthy food and avoid junk food and oily food. Try and have at least 8 – 10 glasses of water per day. Take extreme care and precaution. And soon your pregnancy will be over and you will become a mother.

Different Stages Of Pregnancy – Physical Changes During Pregnancy