Dry Fruits For Pregnant Women

Dry Fruits For Pregnant Women – Taking proper care of eating habits is very important for a pregnant woman. Her baby’s health and overall well being is directly dependent on the kind of nutrition she takes during her pregnancy. Therefore, it is important that she takes a proper, well-balanced nutritious diet. This will take good care of thebaby’s dietary requirements as well as its growth and development.

One of the most important dietary requirements of a soon-to-be-mother is dry fruits. Dry fruits are healthy and only a handful everyday can take care of a would-be-mother’s nutritional requirement.  They can be taken as an evening snack or at that time of the day when a woman feels particularly hungry.

Benefits of Dry Fruits For Pregnant Women

Dry fruits are packed with healthy vitamins. Vitamin A present in them helps in the development of strong bones. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and provides protection against tissue damage. The vitamin also helps in easier and quicker absorption of iron that many would-be-mothers are prescribed during the second trimester.

Many pregnant women alsosuffer from constipation. Daily snacking on dry fruits can help them fight the problem without resorting to medicines. Dry fruits contain enough quantity of fiber that helps in easier bowel movements keeping constipation at bay.

Combining dry fruits with yoghurt is a sure shot remedy against nauseathat many pregnant women suffer from during the first trimester of pregnancy. Dry fruits are light on the tummy and combined with yoghurt help the body in absorption of food.

Women with sweet tooth can indulge in dry fruits snacking every time they have urge to binge on sweet foods. Many sweet foods are high in calories and will only result in unnecessary weight gain. Dry fruits, on the other hand, will not only provide relief from sweet craving but also keep weight issues at bay.

It has been proven scientifically that women who had incorporated dry fruits in their daily diet when pregnanthad babies who lived healthier lives. The number of diseases like asthma and wheezing was greatly reduced in these babies. Children of such mothers also had higher IQ levels when compared with children born to mothers who did not regularly have dry fruits during pregnancy.

Hence dry fruits diet during pregnancy is beneficial not only to the mothers but also to the children who carry thehealth benefits of dry fruits beyond the womb.

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