Easy Tips To Ease Out Labour Pains During Delivery

Easy Tips To Ease Out Labour Pains During Delivery – This is a well known fact that giving birth to a child is a rebirth for a woman. The pain both physical and mental pain which a woman goes through during delivery is just like taking a second birth yourself.

How To Relieve Labor Pains Naturally - Ways To Control Labor Pain During Delivery & Tips To Manage Pain During Labor

Be it the first pregnancy of the fourth pregnancy every time there is the same excitement and the same pain which the mother has to go through. But all these traumatic pains can be taken care of with few easy tips which will make you sail smoothly through the whole delivery process. Just like you cannot rum for marathon without earlier practice same way you cannot make delivery easier if you are not making yourself prepared for it in advance.

It is very important for pregnant mothers to be mentally and p0hysiclaly prepared for delivery and this will really help them to overcome the task in much easier way. But before we learn some ways to make the delivery easy we should be well aware of the fact that there is no magical formula or therapy which will be applicable on all pregnant women, there might be some implications on some women and some might get great benefit form these tips. The reason being that no two women have same kind of pregnancy experiences and delivery pains in the same way.

Factors affecting Delivery pains

The main factors which influence the delivery pains are
Body build up
Hormonal level during pregnancy
Position of the baby in the womb

The most important factor amongst all these is the position of the baby in the womb, because if the position is not normal then the delivery will be very painful.

Tips to relieve pain without medicines

Keep the position right:

The sitting posture of the pregnant women should be right during pregnancy it helps a lot. Instead of lying all the time on the bed they should sit on straight chair with their tummy a bit moved towards the front of the chair. This position helps in bringing the child in the correct position in the womb. This also helps in engaging the head of the child in the pelvis in the right way.

Some Ayurvedic tips:

Light massage is the key ayurvedic tip which eases the delivery pains or what we call labour pains. There is a especial Perineum Massage for pregnant womenwhere essential oils like rose oil is mixed with almond or olive oil and massaged with very light hands below the navel and above the vaginal area. This massage can be started 15 days before the expected delivery date given by the doctor. This perineum massage makes the tissues soft so this reduces the wear and tear of the tissues during the delivery.

Foot massage:

Foot massage is very effective in making the labour period shorter. You can do foot massage with light hands for 6 weeks.

Lower waist massage:

The area below the waist can be massages with these essential oils mixed with olive oil or almond oil and the massage should be done with medium pressure. It helps in two ways firstly our mind gets divertedbecause our body reacts to one sensation only at a time so if we are putting pressure in this area our mind will start responding to it only and this way we will forget the labour pains. Secondly massage in this area helps in releasing hormone called endomorphinwhich are natural pain killers and are 200 times more effective than the artificial sedatives like morphine.

Yoga for easing labour pains:


Research has established that women who practice pranayamwhich is another form of breathing exercise under the care of a yoga trainer have an easier delivery than the ones who do not do pranayam. But remember it is important to do the yoga under a professional trainer only.

Breathe controlling exercise:

This is an effective breathing exercise which helps a lot in easing out the delivery pains. First inhale while counting from one to four and stop for few seconds and then start exhaling by counting from one to eight. This helps in increasing oxygen content in the blood whichkeeps our mind stress free and the feeling of pain is also reduced. You should practise this breathing exercise through the whole pregnancy periods and try to follow it between the two cycles of the labour pain.

Use your imagination and meditation power:

Try toimagine your delivery in your mind like a movie and visualise your uterus just like a lotus flower. Imagine that the lotus leaves are opening from the head of your baby and slowly your baby is coming out of the flower without any pain. Now the smiling baby is in your arms. It might sound a bit silly but if you keep on imagining this way this idea will get in your sub conscious mind and when you are in labour pains it will help inrelaxing your uterus and pelvis muscles.

Never listen to horror stories:

Stay away from the people who tell you about their painful and traumatic experiences about delivery, because such people will only scare you in advance about the whole labour pains. The more you feel  horrified there will be more secretion of adrenaline which is a tress hormone and this way the stress levelwill rise in your body .This will slow down the blood circulation to the uterus and thus will make the labour process more complicated and slower.

Choose the labour partner wisely:

Choose very wisely that who would stay with you in thelabour room whether your mother, husband or friend. The person should be the one who will keep you calm and should be able to support you at every step.

Use positive notes and language while talking:

The word expressing the labour pains and delivery should be full of positivity like they should never be called labour pains rather we should referrer them as Pressure or tightening. The more positively you take and talk about labour the easier it will be for you.

Talk to yourself:

When in the stage of labour pain always talk to yourself on a positive note that every stage is bringing you closer to your baby and finally you would be able to hold your baby in your arms. The optimistic attitude will help you to sail through the whole process smoothly and nicely and the bundle of joy will be near you soon.

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