Eating Papaya During Pregnancy

Eating papaya during pregnancy has always been quite controversial for years . However by good researches and studies the myth has been busted and the reality is out wether to eat papaya during pregnancy or not. Papaya fruit is the most useful fruit from top to bottom and from inside to the outside .

Many people believe that eating papaya during pregnancy induces problems in childbirth causing miscarriageor abortion. So there have been many studies conducted on this topic and the British journal of nutrition came up with the real result which is quite convincing.

Papaya in its unripe stage contains very high concentrations of LATEX. The concentration of latex keeps on reducing as it ripens. Once it is totally ripe there is no trace of latex left in papaya or very less amount of latex remains in totally ripe one. The problem starts here the papaya latex contains two major enzymes papain and chymopapain.

Both these enzymes are teratogenic and abortifacient . Teratogenic means they cause abnormalities in physiological development of the womb. Abortifacient means inducing the tendency of abortion in pregnant women. Papain acts like prostaglandin and oxytocin which increase the chances of uterine contractions. Thus putting an expecting mother into labor , which causes adverse effect on the mother as well as babies health.

That is the reason why papaya is considered to be unhealthy for pregnant women. Even a slightest presence of latex in papaya will induce early labor in the expecting mother causing miscarriage or abortion. So pregnant women should always eat fully ripe papaya . Slightest trace of latex will cause uterine contractions.

During early stages of pregnancy it should be totally avoided ,as by that time the placenta formation is taking place and even a small trace of latex can prove harmful for the womb. Moreover how can we be sure that there is no trace of latex in the papaya eaten by the pregnant lady .We cannot judge the ripeness of the fruit by just looking at it . So avoid eating papaya during pregnancy is the best way .

The latex present in papaya can also cause marked oedema and haemorrhagic placentas. Haemorrhagic placentas are the placentas which are bleeding and haemorrhaging from the end . They might cuase complications in pregnancy and early delivery also. However fullyripe papya is given to pregnant women as it helps them in digestion . User Manuals

Indigestion is the most common problem experienced by pregnant women and papaya helps them in digesting food easily. Moreover papaya is rich in vitamin A and C. Heartburn and inflammatory bowel syndrome can be cured in expecting mothers by giving them papaya . During final stages of pregnancy slightly unripe papaya is given to induce labor pains naturally in pregnant women.

Thus papaya is useful for pregnant women if given in fully ripe form however very slight traces are not harmful . But raw papaya should be totally avoided during pregnancy . As we know that the amount of latex present in them can cause serious complication.

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