Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy – If you become an expectant mother, it becomes very necessary for you know which foods are safe for you and which you shouldn’t eat. If you are non vegetarian, you should strictly avoid eating uncooked beef or any kind of raw meat because of the contamination dangers from toxoplasmosi, salmonella and coliform bacteria.

Raw eggs too are considered to be contaminated with salmonella so don’t eat them.

Raw eggs too are considered to be contaminated with salmonella so don’t eat that.

Mercury is very harmful for you and your unborn baby. Some sea-fishes such as Shark, Tilefish, and Swordfish etc. contain mercury in their fatty tissues. If you consume meat of such fishes, you intake a large amount of mercury which will cause your unborn child suffer from brain damage.

After his or her birth, he or she will delay in learning anything. He won’t even learn walking as any normal child. As a mother you would never want your child to be abnormal.

In the fatty tissues of some fishes such as bluefish, salmon, trout, pike, a pollutant, known as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), remain present there. The fishes collect this pollutant from contaminated water in which they live. If pregnant women eat such fishes, their children will get weak memory, lack of concentration, poor IQ etc.

If you buy un-pasteurized milk from your local vendor, stop it if you are pregnant. Consuming un-pasteurized cow or buffalo’s milk is not good for your baby.

If you are fond of eating liver, minimize it if you are pregnant. According to research, Vitamin A remains present in the liver of animal in very high quantity. Don’t get surprised if you know that Vitamin A is very essential for human body.

On one hand where Vitamin is vital for your body, it is harmful on the other hand, if you consume it more than required. Being a pregnant woman, if you consume too much Vitamin A, it may cause many complications to your fetus.

You shouldn’t consume high amounts of caffeine when you are pregnant otherwise you may have miscarriage problems. If you are addicted to drinking alcohol, you must stop it strictly or minimize it during your pregnancy because alcohol harms you unborn child in many ways.

He or she may face learning disabilities and many other problems. Similarly you should quit smoking if you are a smoker. Smoking harms your unborn child a lot.

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