Foods to Eat During And After Pregnancy

Foods to Eat During And After Pregnancy – What you eat will not only help you through your pregnancy but also after it. There are certain foodsthat you need to stay clear off when you get pregnant.

Papayas, and cashews must totally be avoided. They may cause diarrhoea and are very hot for the stomach. Figs should be added to your diet especially since it curbs diarrhoea and it is also good for you and the baby.

You may find that you areexperiencing indigestion. So chew on coconut pieces through the day.

Eat foods that are easy to digest like foods made fromsemolina and wheat. Go slow on the pastas and breads; especially those made from white flour. Fried foods will also aggravate any feeling of indigestion. So avoid those as well. Your baby is eating what you eat and also drinking what you drink.

So drink plenty of milk as it soothes your system. Drink plenty of fresh fruit juices as they give you the energy required through the day. Pregnancy makes you feel quite tired so remember to eat right. Avoid tea and coffeeif possible or at least reduce the amount that you have.

After you deliver you also need to take care of what you eat as your baby is feeding and all that you are having is passing to him. Stay away from spicy and oily foods. Eat lots of salads and lentils, skip the garlic and ginger.

Add lots of fenugreek seeds in your diet as it increases the supply of milk. There is lots of heat in your body so have foods that cool your system. Drink plenty of liquids.

Stock up on the dry fruits and munch all day. Now is a good time to start eating papaya as you may find that you are often getting constipated due to the pressure during your delivery.

Avoid sweets and sugar as they do nothing for you or the baby. Eat lentils that do not cause gas. Avoid red gram and opt for green gram instead. Keep you food simple and healthy for yourself and your baby. Substitutesugar withjaggery.

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