Foods You Should Not Feed Your Baby

Foods You Should Not Feed Your Baby – When you were pregnant you had to take care of yourself. But after the delivery of your child and even if he or she grows you have to take a lot of care especially what you should feed your baby and what not. Here are some foods which you shouldn’t feed your baby.

You shouldn’t feed your baby Honey if she is not more than one year old. Babies’ digestive systems are not ready to stop spores which an adult can stop. Therefore honey is very harmful for your baby if he or she is not more than one year.

Many times cow’s milk cause allergy to your child because they can’t digest some enzymes in it. Also cow’s milk contains some minerals which are so harmful for babies that they can damage their kidneys. Therefore you should not feed your baby cow’s milk until she is more than one year old. Either breast feed of give him bottled milk.

Citrus fruits like oranges can lead your babies to upset stomach and rashes therefore avoid such fruits till your baby is 1 year old. Peanut butter is also not good for babies so don’t feed them that. Babies are also allergic to nuts hence don’t give them nuts.

Some fishes contain mercury which is very harmful substance therefore don’t give them sea fishes like swordfish, shark etc. Eggs cause allergic reaction in babies because of high amount of protein in it. Therefore you should strictly not feed her eggs till the age of one and it is better to avoid it till the age of five.

You should not feed your babies foods which contain caffeine and sugar therefore don’t give them chocolates. You should also avoid feeding them soft candies too because they may cause chocking problem in your baby’s throat.

You are strictly warned not to give your baby any salt to their foods otherwise their kidneys will get damaged. You should not feed them any food containing high amount of salt. It is also advised not to feed your baby wheat till she becomes of the age of 2 or 3. Never give your baby drinks like tea, coffee, alcohol or any kind of soft drink. There are many other foods also which should not be fed to babies. Therefore before giving any type of food you must consult your doctor.