How to Clean the Tongue of the Baby

How to Clean the Tongue of the Baby – New mothers often wonder how to care for their new born and wonder about how to clean the more delicate parts of their body. These are things that somehow no one mentions. The whole focus seems to be on breast feeding. Even at the hospital the more routine questions are often forgotten. All mums start to wonder if there is any need to clean the baby’s tongue.

How to Clean the Tongue of the Baby

The baby’s tongue usually looks coated and most of the mothers get worried and think that they have to clean it. But a whitish coating on the tongue is absolutely normal in all breast fed babies. However it is necessary to look out for white spots, like milk curds, on the tongue and the inner sides of the cheeks and lips. They may be due to a little milk that the baby has brought up. These spots can be removed with clean fingers. It is better to do it yourself. If thes spots cannot be removed this way then it may be due to thrush which is afungal infection and should be treated immediately as it can spread quickly.

If your baby is having breast milk and is otherwise normal then there is absolutely to clean the tongue. There is no possibility of the babys mouth smelling also so you need not worry. People often clean the tongue with a cleanhanky dipped in glycerine. This is not necessary and should be avoided at least for the first two months as he has not developed any tastes as yet. In case the baby is having top milk then you can clean the tongue using the glycerine; but make sure to apply a very small amount.

To omit any kind of fungus formation it is good to take special care to clean and dry your nipple if the baby is being breast fed and to boil the the bottle nipple well if the baby is being bottle fed. If a fungus develops in and around the baby’s tongue, then it is most likely in the mothers birth passage as well. So if you are experiencing thick vaginal discharge it is wise to get that treated simultaneously.

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