How to Give A Sponge Bath To Your Baby

How to Give A Sponge Bath To Your Baby – Giving a regular sponge bath to a baby instead of a tub bath is ideal during the winter season. It is advisable to bathe the baby every third day while giving a sponge clean-up daily. However, you must take care of certain things while sponging the little one to ensure complete safety and hygiene.

Following are the steps involved in a sponge bath:

Preparing the Basin & Collecting the Required Items

Your first task in getting ready to give a sponge bath to your baby should be to fill a clean basin with warm water. Required items like baby soap/wash, shampoo, towel and washcloth should also be kept ready before undressing the little one.

Getting Started

Babies tend to lose the body heat more quickly as compared with the adults. So it is advisable to undress only those parts of a baby’s body that need to be cleaned. You can wrap the baby in a soft towel with a hood and hold the baby gently by supporting his head. Now, clean the face with a soft and spongy washcloth (dipped in warm water), using cotton square for the area around your baby’s eyes. If you wish to clean the head as well, you can do it with a fresh dampened washcloth and a baby wash.

Cleaning the Body

A soap-free cleanser, which is especially formulated for babies, should be used for cleaning the entire body. Apply a small quantity of the cleanser on the neck, arms, legs and stomach and rinse with the wet washcloth one after one. However, don’t expose the baby completely and keep his head covered throughout the process.

Important Points

While giving a sponge bath to your darling boy or girl take special care to clean the genital area and also clean between all the creases of his/her body. If you are sponging a newborn, you must take special care of the umbilical cord by keeping it covered and dry.

At last, nourish your baby’s skin with a baby lotion and use baby talc if required. Dress up your baby and wrap him in a warm blanket.

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