How To Overcome Common Breastfeeding Problems

How To Overcome Common Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding can be a challenging task for many new moms. First time mothers are more likely to face problems during nursing as they are totally inexperienced. However, these problems can be easily overcome with some professional help and little care.

If you are determined to breastfeed your baby, you can speak to a lactation consultant or a gynecologist about your concerns and resolve the issues at an early stage. In fact it is a great idea to begin nursing your baby in the hospital itself as you can easily get started with the guidance of nurses and lactation experts.

Sore Nipples

Every new mother needs to learn about proper nipple care to make breastfeeding comfortable and enjoyable. Since nipple soreness is a common concern that makes the feeding sessions extremely painful during the first few weeks of lactation, a breastfeeding mom should start caring for nipples during pregnancy.

Sore nipples need special care. So a breastfeeding mom should use a nipple care cream while frequently changing her bras and nursing pads. Moreover, she should not wear synthetic bras while restricting the use of chemical-based soaps and lotions on the breasts.

Improper Positioning of Baby

Adequate positioning of the baby is as important for the mother as for the baby. Improper positioning of the newborn during feeds is also one of the major causes of nipple pain. So if you are suffering from this problem, you must try different feeding positions and some techniques like breaking the suctions in between and latching the baby adequately.

Less Milk Production

A mother’s body produces milk in accordance with the demands of the baby. However, lack of sufficient nutrition and fluids in the body may affect a mom’s milk producing capacity. The milk supply is likely to settle down as per the requirements of the baby within few weeks of the birth and a mother can boost up her milk production by taking enough rest, eating well, drinking more water and increasing the frequency of her feeding sessions. Expressing the milk with a breast pump can also help a mother increase her milk supply.

Breast fullness, infections and engorgement are some of the other problems faced by a mother during the lactation period. Thankfully, all these difficulties can be overcome with some preventive measures and adequate care.

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