How to Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregancy

How to Prevent Breast Sagging After Pregancy – Post pregnancy and breast feeding, many women encounter a problem known as sagging breast. Most women fear of sagging breast whereas some take it naturally and find ways to overcome breast sagging.

Not only after pregnancy, but women face this problem as they grow older. Here are some ways given how to prevent breast sagging after pregnancy.

Role of Bra:

Bra plays very important role to maintain the firmness of the breasts and keep them up in shape. During your pregnancy, your breasts become larger. It is a natural process; hence instead of worrying take proper care of it by wearing supportive bras. You should change your bra according to your developed breasts.

If you wear ill-fitting bra, you will feel uncomfortable and it will not give your breasts full support. After the delivery of your child, you will need many different bras. While breast feeding, your size of breasts may vary, and hence, you will need to buy bras of different size.

Your breasts will be relatively large when your baby is young. As time will pass and your baby will add solid food to his or her diet, you will observe your breast returning to pre-pregnancy size. Due to size variation of your breasts, keep changing the bras to avoid breast sagging.

Monitor Weight:

During your pregnancy, most women gain weight. If you were under weight and gain weight, there is no problem but if you were already overweight, you should not gain weight. Therefore monitor your weight. Due to foods like ice creams, cookies etc. your weight increases which also spreads your breasts.

Eventually it will cause breast sagging. Therefore control your weight during pregnancy to avoid breast sagging. But don’t try to lose weight at high speed; lose weight at a moderate pace.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized:

Apply suitable creams and lotions to moisturize your skin because they prevent breast sagging to some extent.


There are some exercises which directly puts pressure on your breasts. Thus your breasts get tightened and get back to your previous shape easily. Weight lifting and swimming are good exercises for breasts.

Messaging your breasts with flex seed also helps a lot. If you bathe your sagged breasts with hot and cold water simultaneously and repeatedly, it will cause rapid blood circulation and this would help tightening and bringing your breasts back to shape.

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