How To Stay Happy And Cheerful During Pregnancy

How To Stay Happy And Cheerful During Pregnancy – Anxiety and stress are common things that are faced by women at the time of pregnancy. These factors are quite harmful for the mother as well as her child that is growing. So, it is highly essential to get rid of stress and stay cheerful and happy during this period.

How To Stay Happy And Cheerful During Pregnancy

This is beneficial for the mother and her child. Creating an atmosphere that is favorable for the pregnant mother is important. Lots of pregnant women face circumstances that are extremely stressful. It has been proved through various studies and researches that theblood pressure and heart rate are related to the stress. The heart rate of the baby growing inside the mother can be affected by the stress during pregnancy.

The maternal stress can also result in unevenness in different parts of the baby’s body. This includes feet, finger, ears and elbows. Stress during pregnancy can also cause imperfection in the nervous system that is developing. Pregnant mothers should always stay happy, calm and cheerful without any tension. All their wishes should be properly fulfilled, so that their mind, spirit and body remain in a joyful state.

It has been proved that whatever awoman experience during pregnancy it has a direct impact on their baby.  A pregnant woman should sing and hear melodious songs, wear comfortable and beautiful clothes, read books which are free of stress, and always stay happy. Being creative as well as getting involved in light activities is even highly recommended by many doctors during pregnancy.

Healthy Lifestyle is Important

A healthy pregnancy is essential for every woman. However this can be achieved by following the right measures. The proper lifestyle is needed for the perfect growth of the fetus. This will also nourish the body of the mother at this time. If you are cautious then you can easily take the right steps that are required forkeeping a pregnant woman stress free and happy. A pregnant mother must speak with her doctor and follow the correct tips. Preventing stress and staying cheerful can also prevent premature delivery. You can also get rid of chronic anxiety by staying comfortable during pregnancy.

Cause of Stress at the Time of Pregnancy

First time pregnant women face hormonal changes in their body. This will lead to the feelings of discomfort, confusion and uneasiness. Several factors can be frightening for women at this time that increases their stress level.

Tips for Pregnant Women to Stay  Cheerful

Following some easy tips can be helpful for pregnant women in beating stress and staying happy.

You must have well balanced and healthy food habit. The diet must involve foods that are highly nutritious. Maintain a diet that have the right amount of green vegetables and fibers. You should avoid foods that are rich in fat, salt, sugar and also junk foods. You must also drink adequate amount of water during pregnancy to keep the body perfectly hydrated. Proper nourishment is highly recommended at this time. The right food will also help in the development of the baby’s brain.

Stay Happy and Cheerful

Many studies have proved that anxiety and stress can lead to subtle changes in the development of an unborn child. Mothers whose blood pressure is high will have babies with high heart rates as compared to the non-stressed mothers. Studies have shown that babies can recognize the voice of their mother and start learning new things while they are in the womb.

Mother and family is the first teacher of the baby. Therefore, when there is a pregnant woman in the family, then it is the responsibility of everyone to be always at their proper behavior.  Positive and peaceful homely environment ensures that the pregnant woman is calm and happy which is important during pregnancy. It is necessary that women during her pregnancy should enjoy best health.

Things You Should Do and Avoid

Doing physical activities such as walking, sitting, or standing should be slow and graceful as well as ensure that they are not stressful. Mental and physical exertion should be avoided. During pregnancy avoid those medications which are not being prescribed by your doctor. Always say no to those beverages or food which have artificial colors and plenty of preservatives.

Stay away from fumes, paints, allergens, alcohol, drugs, smoke and fertilizers as these are not right during pregnancy.  Taking alcohol during pregnancy can cause lots of adverse effects on your baby. Your child may be born with some physical malformations as well as with learning disabilities. Drugs can cause severe harm to the pregnant mother and the developing foetus.


Exercise is a key factor for the pregnant women to stay healthy. This is really effective in thereduction of stress. This will make the process of delivery quite easy. However you must know the specific exercises that should be done at the time of pregnancy.

What to Eat During Pregnancy

During pregnancy women should eat pure and quality food which means the food that can be easily digested. Pregnant women should not have packaged food along with excessive salt and sugar and include lots of rice, buttermilk, sweet dishes, fruits and vegetables. They should restrict or eat less fish, meat, fried food, eggs and spices.

Smoking, drinking alcohol or drug use is dangerous. They should follow a healthy lifestyle and keep their temper in control by being kind and not cruel or greedy.  All this will definitely give healthier, creative and happier as well as talented offspring. It is really important that during pregnancy women should stay happy and cheerful.

The correct tips and proper planning can help you tostay happy as well as cheerful during pregnancy. Ensure acheerful pregnancy to give birth to a healthy child By avoiding drugs and alcohol you can ensure the complete safety of your child as well as avoid long term problems such as chronic diarrhea, behavioral problems, low intelligence and many more.

It also can prevent premature labor, still birth and miscarriage.  By exercising slowly during pregnancy you are actually helping yourself only to lower the experience of intense labor also healthier and better life. It is really important for expecting women to stay happy and cheerful for giving birth to a healthy child.

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