Natural Gender Selection: Try Baking Soda Douching to Conceive a Baby Boy

Natural Gender Selection: Try Baking Soda Douching to Conceive a Baby Boy – Many couples wish if they could select the gender of their babies. It is a very natural desire to bring balance into your family. If you are a mother of two girls, it is your natural desire that your third baby is a baby boy. There are gender selection clinics which offer highly accurate and advanced methods of gender selection.

Try Baking Soda Douching to Conceive a Baby Boy

There is no issue in going to suchclinics and seektheir help. But the high cost involved in these gender selection methods is a great put off. Not all can afford or are willing to invest such huge cost. This is where you can turn to natural methods of gender selection for help.

Vaginal douching is one of the natural methodswhich can influence baby gender. To understand how this method works, let’s first try to understand a little bit about the characteristics of sperms. The semen released from a man’s sexual organ consists of male sperms and female sperms.

When the egg is fertilized by a male sperm, you conceive a boy and if a female sperm fertilizes the egg, you will give birth to a baby girl. Once the sperms are released, a race is ensued between the male and female sperms and the one which encounters the egg first will fertilize it. Winning the race also depends on the motility of the sperms.

Again,male and female spermsrespond differently to a particular vaginal environment. Unlike female sperms, male sperms thrive on an alkaline vaginal environment.

So if you can alter the pH level of the vagina to make it more alkaline, the performance of the male spermswill be boosted thereby increasing their prospects to fertilize an egg. This is where douching the vagina to make it more alkaline can help you in conceiving a baby boy.

You can easily prepare a baking soda douche at home. Add two tablespoons of baking soda in one liter of warm water and stir it. The water temperature should be almost the same as your body temperature so that sperms are not damaged. Now use a douche to insert a little amount of thebaking soda solution into your vagina. Time the douching about an hour before having intercourse.

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