Overcoming Morning Sickness

Overcoming Morning Sickness – Pregnancy is a very special phase in a woman’s life. Even though most women go through it, it is different for everyone. You really feel overjoyed at the prospect of being a mother but many times your enthusiasm dies down with all the packages that virtually come along.

Morning sickness, as it is commonly called is a part of most pregnancies though not all. It is a myth that nausea may be felt only in the morning, it can be anytime during the day. There are several ways you can make sure that this does not hinder the joy of being a mother.

It is good to understand why you have this feeling…scientists believe that this happens due to hormonal changes in the body. You are undergoing several hormonal changes especially in the first trimester. Generally it is during that time you experience nausea and after that it settles down.

The best tip to overcome morning sickness is maintain your diet. Always carry some snacks with you and drink plenty of water. Fresh juices help especially fresh lime with soda helps in controlling nausea. Have chicken soup or have crackers whenever you feel uneasy. Before getting up in the morning eat some crackers and then get up. This considerably reduces the vomiting sensation. Another good idea is to have multivitamins instead of iron rich prenatal vitamins and a healthy balanced diet. You can make sure you include greens, capsicum, liver and foods that are rich in iron…that is surely healthier.

Another good idea is to suck a lemon wedge or have something bitter like vinegar. That generally has a neutralizing effect and minimizes vomiting. If the nausea is really severe and even water is not palatable it is important to consult your medical practitioner as there are safe tablets that help alleviating pregnancy nausea.

During pregnancy it is good to have small meals at regular intervals to avoid indigestion. You must avoid chocolates, ice creams, oily foods as they would trigger a vomiting sensation. Take short naps whenever you feel tired and try to include carbohydrates in your diet. These tips would take you a long way in helping you to overcome morning sickness.

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