Parenting Twins

Parenting Twins – Raising twins throws up some unique challenges at each step, basically dealing with two different personalities at the same time.

Parenting Twins

This article gives some pointers to the benefits of raising twins.

The aim of good parenting is to raise happy, healthy, positive adults. In the case of parenting twins the most common trap parents unknowingly enter is comparisons between them. Further building up expectations based on one child’s progress. It’s important not to make comparisons and create animosity and build up frustration.

Twins share a special bond between them and this is more so with identical twins, as they have a stronger interconnection between them. As parents it’s important to recognize the existence of two different humans as opposed to always considering them as one whole. This would help them to view themselves as a unique individual and develop their sense of self.

Time and again your patience will be tested and you might feel stressed out, doubly, as your twins test your limits on a daily basis. In the initial days after your babies’ are born there are some difficult times ahead, as being with them is hard work especially when you are suffering from lack of sleep. This is the time when you require all the help from family and friends.

As they grow up fun times begin it is joyful to see how they relate to each other. Their personalities keep interchanging as they try to seek a balance in their relationship, they learn to share, cooperate and socialize and most importantly learn from each other. Being twins imply that they have a constant playmate, a source of motivation and a full time audience. So they experience less ‘separation anxiety’ as they always have each other for company.

However like other siblings twins too have their fair share of squabbles and fights. At times it may be more than siblings, for different reasons. This kind of behavior is best ignored unless someone gets physically hurt. Here comes another advantage of parenting twins, you always have a control group present. So if one child misbehaves, you can observe the other child’s good behavior and console yourself that there is nothing wrong with your parenting skills.

Raising twins means that the father also has to get down to the business of raising kids. In case the children relate well with each other parental approval diminishes.

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