Popular Gender Prediction Methods

Popular Gender Prediction Methods – A pregnancy is a very exciting phase of a woman’s life! Pregnancy is the harbinger of new hopes, dreams and planning for the future. This is a life changing event for the expectant parents and it brings joys to all the close family members and friends.

Pregnancy in today’s modern world is much more predictable and the fetal developments can actually be charted as you progress with your pregnancy months. You can actually feel and enjoy every moment of being pregnant and can initiate a kind of communication and communion with your unborn baby within the womb.

You can feel the movements, the heartbeats with a Doppler and the various changes in your body as your baby develops.

For obvious reasons you would also like to predict the gender of your baby before birth so that you can plan accordingly to find suitable names, buy baby items and prepare the baby room. The good news is there are various reliable and popular ways to predict the gender of the unborn baby!

How to Select a Reliable Gender Predictor?

Down the ages and through times immemorial human beings have used various methods to carry out different tasks and also to predict many things which are done nowadays through sophisticated scientific techniques and mechanisms. However, surprisingly enough the results are found not to vary much and the reason is science was well developed during the days of our ancestors as well!

Some well known gender prediction methods many of us must have heard about are that of the ‘Old Wives Tales Gender Prediction method’, the wedding ring gender prediction method, the Chinese Baby gender predictor calendar and so on.

However, there are more reliable techniques based on heat beats, body temperature, morning sickness, female orgasms, urine, the expectant mothers’ appearances and of course the ultra sound technique.

Various tests and techniques are available which can be used to predict the gender of the baby during gestation period. Most of the techniques are absolutely safe and therefore you can choose any or all to predict the gender of your baby.

Popular Gender Prediction Methods

Old Wives Tales

These have been passed down through generations on the base of experiences and involve a series of questions and opinions regarding the expectant woman which are based upon various feelings, tendencies, preferences, aversions, nutrition and so on. These may not be always very reliable but you may use these to find fun and excitement.

Chinese Calendar

This technique has proven to be quite accurate for many women provided you can give the exact month of your conception and your age. These calendars can be accessed from the internet and can be found in pregnancy books.

Heart Beat rate of the Baby

It is a common belief that baby heart beat rate above 140 indicates a baby girl while a heart beat rate below 140 indicates a baby boy.

Female Orgasms

If the woman had orgasms during the sexual intercourse chances are that a boy will be born or else a girl will be born as orgasms create an alkaline environment which is conducive for a male baby.

Gender Prediction Methods based on tests

The ultrasound and urine tests to determine gender are also effective methods of gender prediction. It is also believed that a woman having morning sickness may be pregnant with a baby girl. However, scientific tests are more accurate and better gender prediction methods.

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