Pregnancy & Anger Management

Pregnancy & Anger Management – It is not unusual for a perfectly normal and well behaved lady to behave like a spoilt brat during some stages of her pregnancy. As we all know, the body of pregnant women undergoes major hormonal changes.

Anger Management During Pregnancy - Ways to Deal With Anger

The changes in the emotional behavior of a woman manifests differently in various individuals. A chirpy hyperactive woman may suddenly exhibit broodiness and  show an uninterested and detached attitude. A perfectly understanding and caring personality may show symptoms of extreme anger andirritation.

Exhibiting anger and throwing temper  tantrums during a pregnancy term can be a cause of danger not only to the woman but also to the unborn child. Research has shown that the unborn fetus has a mind of its own and its character starts developing from a very early stage.The emotion of anger that the mother displays can definitely affect the child’s mental development and  can alsocausecertain negative traits like stubbornness and rigid behaviour in their  personality as they grow up.

Unfortunately, doctors who have studied this symptom claim that there is not much one can do clinically, to prevent bouts of anger during pregnancy term. It is a hormone thing and the emotion associated with it is beyond the control ofconventional medicines andtherapies. Unconventional methods like meditation andyoga sessions can however help the mother soothe her nerves when such an episode occurs.

Anger management sessions are helpful to pregnant mothers suffering from temper control issues. Anger can adversely affect the blood pressure levels and consequently cause the heart to beat rapidly. These are all situations which can have a direct effect on the fetus. At later stages it can also result in pregnancy complications.

Anger is a negative emotion. Anything negative is bound to affect the body adversely.Gynaecologistsplace a lot of importance on the positive mental condition of a women so that she can enjoy a healthypregnancy term. It is imperative for the pregnancy term to be stress free, so that the development of the fetus is normal. There is no denying the fact that whatever emotion the mother undergoes will have a direct bearing on the growth and development of the child, not only as a fetus but also inlater stages of growth.

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