Pregnancy Diet: Know The 3 Valuable Black Foods for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Diet: Know The 3 Valuable Black Foods for Pregnant Women – So you have just announced yourpregnancy and are mentally prepared to go through this incredible nine-month journey. Now you have to make so many adjustments with your lifestyle. Your physician may have surely told you about so many dos and don’t during pregnancy.

You may have been told to go slow, take rest as much as possible, get enough sleep, and not take stress and tensions. Also, your physician must have strictly advised you against smoking and drinking during pregnancy.

Now coming to your diet, you may also have been told of what types of foods you should avoid and what foods you should encourage. May be a dietician is in a best position to recommend you a pregnancy diet. Now that you are also eating for your baby, you cannot ignore dietary recommendations.

You should be eating for you as well as your baby and supply your body with allessential nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc. Selection of the right food apart from taking supplements is very important during pregnancy. The whole idea is to keep your body fit and healthy which is required to enjoy a healthy pregnancy. Now coming to right selection of food, let’s talk about three black foods that are of immense nutritional importance for pregnant women.

The first of the three black foods for pregnant womenis black rice. It is quite rich in protein. The arginine and lysine content in black rice is three times higher than that in normal white rice. Moreover black rice has an iron content which is six times higher that of white rice.

Black rice has is known to stimulate appetite, invigorate the spleen, activate blood flow, improve eyesight. It is also good for your liver. The best way to consume black rice is through steaming or you can prepare porridge with it.

The second black food is laver. It is rich content of fiber, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iodine, mannite, and algin. This black food is especially recommended during pregnancy as it is known to lower cholesterol and play a role in softening the blood vessels.It also prevents the occurrence of conditions caused by iodine deficiency such as thyromegaly.Canning Recipes

Black sesame seeds are again rich in vitamin E and iron. You can grind these seeds and make a soup out of the powder.

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