Pregnancy Symptoms at 7th Week

Pregnancy Symptoms at 7th Week – When you will be at your 7th week of pregnancy, you have already experienced some of the most common symptoms of early pregnancy like morning sickness, nausea etc. Around this week you will start feeling more such specific symptoms, which are described here.

If you have already started to feel nauseated then this symptom will carry forward in this week also. To get rid of this nausea, you should never stay at empty stomach. Being at empty stomach will increase your nausea and vomiting.

Also, you will not be able to supply adequate nutrients to your baby, if you do not fill up your stomach. Empty stomach also increases the chance of heartburn and indigestion.

Start your day with some crackers, cookies or biscuits, before you drink even a drop of water. This will help to control the nausea and you will feel much better.

During the whole day, you are going to visit the bathroom for quite a number of times. As the baby is growing inside your uterus, it will put more pressure on the urinary bladder, for which you will feel this urge offrequent urination.

However, do not control your water intake toavoid this symptom, rather drink plenty of water to keep yoursystem clean and hydrated.

Throughout the day you will feel like completely exhausted and will prefer to take a nap. It is natural, as because your body is constantly loosing energy and working to support the growth of your baby.

You may take short naps of 10-15 minutes in between your tasks. If you feel too sleepy, then go for a walk. In case you need some energy,drink unsweetened fresh fruit juiceor a milk shake.

Your breasts are going to get enlarged from your original size, as it is going to be ready for feeding your baby. You will also notice the webs of blue veins on the skin surface. This is the right time to start wearing maternity bra, as it will give proper support to your swollen breasts.

By this time, you will feelincredible food cravingsfor some of your favorite foods, but at the same time you will not even like to smell some of the most delicious items. For the time being you may stop having these food items, however you should always keep the nutrition thing in your mind.