Reducing Tummy Flab After Childbirth

Reducing Tummy Flab After Childbirth – Delivering a child is a major turning point in a women’s life that brings along many changes. Tummy flab is one of these physical changes that hit most new mothers. It’s actually depressing and hurting for a female to lose her attractiveness after delivering the baby.

Reducing Tummy Flab After Childbirth

This becomes more hurting if she had a nicely maintained, flat tummy before pregnancy. Thankfully, there are many tips that can help a new mom get back to her normal figure by reducing excess tummy flab. Have a look at these suggestions:

Light Exercises

Although you may not feel like moving your body immediately after the delivery, some light exercises will actually help you reduce the stomach flab while helping you to return back to your normal self. If you have had a vaginal delivery, you can begin with some breathing exercises that allow you to tuck your tummy inside for at least a few seconds. You can gradually move on to crunches and other pubic moves as per your gynecologist’s advice. In case of a cesarean delivery, you can ask the doctor for recommending some safe exercises that are generally advisable after three to four weeks after giving birth.

Go for a Hot Pack and Eat Carefully

A hot water bag or heated-up pouch of rock salt can be used to push the air and blood out of the belly. You may also wear a leather belly belt to avoid sagging. Another thing that you must take care of is to avoid starchy and sweet foodstuff. Try to eat more of fresh fruits, soups, juices, greens and fiber-rich food.

Walking is Helpful

Once you have recovered well, you can go for a short walk to the nearby park or just around your house. When the baby is about two months, you can get a stroller to take him/her with you. It will actually be a nice exercise for you while the baby will also get a nice outing.

Try these guidelines to get back to shape or at least lose some flabby portion. However, if you wish to get an absolutely flat belly, you can join a tummy tuck program at a fitness centre when you can leave the baby with a babysitter or someone at home.

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