Signs of Labor

Signs of Labor – The most awaited moment of pregnancy is the labor and almost every women have a fear of missing the early signs of labor and to not be prepared for delivery. There is no means to predict the exact time of labor, however there are some signs that your body will give you from which you can make out the time of labor.

In certain cases the labor starts all of a sudden and delivery happens soon but in certain other cases it will be a laborious work that may range from several hours to days. Here are some early indications of labor.

Early Signs of Labor

Your body will start to prepare for the labor almost from a month before the delivery. In most cases the baby will start to descend to the pelvic region and you may feel more weight around your pelvis and at the same time have a reduced pressure around the ribs. This indicates the movement of the baby out of your uterus.

Mucous Plug

At the time of labor your cervix begins to dilate and the mucous that plugs the cervix and there by blocks the entrance in to uterus gets released. Sometimes you can see only a part of the plug at a time and the discharge may increase slowly. While in certain other cases you can see the whole plug at a time.

Bloody Show

There may be a blood tinch or brown or pink discharge from your vagina and this may be an indication that your cervix is dilating and preparing for labor. But this blood tinch may also appear after vaginal examination in the last period of pregnancy or after having sex.

Loose Stool

At the time of labor your body will produce prostaglandins which in turn cause the softening and effacement of cervix. Prostaglandin may also produce loose stools.


Many women experience Braxton Hicks contraction through out their third trimester and it may be confusing with the true labor. If its true labor then the intensity and frequency of contraction increases. Contractions becomes more painful and stringer every time and this causes your cervix to dilate and push the baby out.

Sometimes you may also have back pain which may come and vanish and again reappear. In certain cases the amniotic sac may rupture and thus cause your amniotic fluid to ooze out. If you have most of these symptoms then you are going to deliver your baby.

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