Skin Care For Newborns

Skin Care For Newborns – Skin is considered to be very sensitive organ of your body. But your newborn child’s skin is many more times sensitive than yours. Therefore your baby needs different type of skin care than adult ones.

Soap, bubble bath, shampoos, baby power, lotions and oils are some essential products used for baby care but while using them you need to take a lot of care whether you should use them or not.

When a baby is born its skin is wrinkly and is protected by a cover known as vernix. It peels off gradually naturally in a week of time. Don’t try to take it out unnaturally by rubbing or scratching it.

Your baby needs special care near her umbilical cord. Keep naval area clean until the cord falls down. Clean the area softly with hygienic soft cotton.

You should bath your child only once or twice a week and use mild soap for it. The soap should contain olive oil, coconut or palm oil.

Head of newborn child is very delicate with soft hair. Use only natural shampoos specially made for infants.

Your baby won’t get too dirty except at the time of urination or passing the stool. You have to take care while changing the diapers at those times only. Otherwise you don’t need too much cleaning

However, after you breastfeed your child, some milk is dribbled on the face, neck etc. You must wash the face and neck to avoid any irritation rash or to avoid any germs to grow there and cause infection to your baby.

Some powders cause yeast growth whereas talcum powder can cause lung problems if your baby inhales. Therefore Baby powders and talcum powder should be avoided.

If your child is a girl child you must wash her genital area with special care. While washing inside of the female genital parts, called as vulva, you should never use soap. Rinsing those parts with plain water is sufficient. To prevent irritation, you can wipe it from front to back. If you practice this and also avoid bubble bath before her puberty, you will prevent her from getting many urinary tract infections and vaginal irritations.

Trim the nails once a week after a bath so that your baby doesn’t scratch her body with long nails. To care newborn is tough and you have to learn the skill to handle it properly.

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