Taking Care After Cesarean Delivery

Taking Care After Cesarean Delivery – After months of planning on a normal delivery, having a c-section might throw you out of gear. But being a mom means being prepared for anything at any time.

So don’t fret. Instead check with your doctor what c-section entails and prepare yourself accordingly. Having cesarean means that surgery will be performed to deliver the baby. Be ready for the abdominal pain that comes with it. Your stitches will hurt every time you stretch or indulge in physical activity.

So this means not carrying around anything heavy including your baby. Don’t do any household work that is likely to put pressure on your stitches. Climbing stairs is a complete no-no. And as of now don’t even think about joining a gym to get rid of your momma fat.

That can wait until later. Your doctor will also advice you against resuming physical relations with your partner for at least the next 6 weeks. This could lead to intensive bleeding as well as physical discomfort.

Ensure that you take a proper diet especially since you will be lactating. Avoiding oily and starchy foods will help you heal better since fat accumulation does not let the skin heal. Take all the help you can.

Don’t shy from asking support from family and friends. You can take care of your baby if you keep fit. While doctors would prefer have you moving a day after the operation, don’t put too much pressure on you body. Give it some time to heal.

You will start noticing changes in your energy levels two weeks after your c-section. Your energy levels will improve if you have been taking proper precautions and adequate rest.

As weeks pass you will start feeling a lot like your former self. But in between all this, keep your appointment with the doctor two weeks after the delivery. Your doctor will want to check your stitches to ensure you are fully healed. If you still feel abdominal pain or stretching of the stitches communicate the same.

The doctor might want to investigate the causes to put you on medication.
Whether you have cesarean section out of choice or because of complications, it is important to take proper care and follow the advice of your doctor.

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