The 31st Week of Pregnancy: When Anxiety Starts to Build Up

The 31st Week of Pregnancy: When Anxiety Starts to Build Up – Week 31 is quite an anxious time for a couple,more so for the expectant mom.This is the time when you have entered into the last trimester and your due date is finally approaching. You become more anxious thinking about the baby, its gender, well being etc. This is also the time when you become more concerned about labor and delivery. You begin to feel more apprehensive.

These emotions are felt by all expectant mothers especially those who are going to become mothers for the first time. Talking about the physical changes, you have gone through many changes ever since you became pregnant and you can expect some more changes even as you enter the 31st week.

Dried fruits, nuts as well as lean meat are recommended. Also, take lot water. Increase your water intake to at least eight glasses a day. Water helps in building new cells in your baby as well as your body. It also prevents fluid retention. If you notice swellings in your feet and hands, you may increase your water intake. However, stay away from caffeinated drinks.

Week 31 of pregnancy is also the ripe time to get an ultrasound done so as to know the of baby gender. The sex organ of the baby has developed by this time and can be best revealed if have a 3-D ultrasound done. As such, you can start planning with regard to the baby’s name and clothing. You can also see the baby’s face, kicking legs and thumb being sucked probably.

As the baby grows in size, it gives more pressure on your kidneys. This time around you will also experience lower backache. Frequent trips to the bathroom can also be expected. You will also experience more kicks and increased movement as your baby grows rapidly.

31 week of pregnancy – diet for a healthy pregnancy – avoid caffeinated drinks, 31st week of pregnancy diet