The Benefits of Breast Massage in Increasing Milk Supply

The Benefits of Breast Massage in Increasing Milk Supply – Every mom are aware of the benefits of breastfeeding their babies. It is has nutritional benefits. The formula milk can never be equal to breast milk in terms of offering essential nutrients to the baby. It is another story that some women prefer bottlefeeding over breastfeeding for reasons best known to them.

It is quite unfortunate that some society even treats breastfeeding as a taboo. Well, there are also circumstances which discourage breastfeeding and in such circumstances she usually switches over to formula milk. One such circumstance is low breast milk production.

When a mom feels that she is not producing and supplying enough milk for her baby, out of fear that her baby will starve, she takes a hasty decision in feeding her little one with formula milk. Once your baby is bottlefed,she may find it difficult to breastfeed due to adjustment problems. So, be patient.

Give some time and make an effort to breastfeedyour baby quite frequently if at all you have low breast milk supply. Also, there are various solutions for low milk supply. And one of these is breast massage.

Breast massage in moms has many benefits other than increasing milk production. But first let’s concentrate on how massaging the breasts can increase milk supply.Massaging your breast helps to increase milk supply in two ways.

First, when the action of massaging can stimulate your breasts so as to produce more milk. Secondly, gently massaging the breasts can clear up milk ducts and increase supply. Again, when your breasts are emptied, more production is encouraged. The mechanism of milk production is based on demand and the more often your breasts are emptied, there is a proportionate increase in supply too.

Moreover, there are other benefits of breast massaging than increasing breast milk production.It helps you to prevent conditions such as mastitis by preventing milk stagnation. Again, breast endorsement can be relieved with massaging.

The health benefits of breast massaging are not limited to breastfeedingmoms; it is recommended for all women. It increase blood circulation in the breasts, helps in toning the breast muscles and increases its firmness, and most importantly makes you less susceptible to breast cancer.

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