Tips to Develop Self Esteem in Kids

Tips to Develop Self Esteem in Kids – Children are the most wonderful and special gift to the parents. They need to be cared and groomed well to fight the challenges of the world courageously and confidently. And the biggest factor which influences their behavior and action is self esteem.

Tips to Develop Self Esteem in Kids

Self esteem ,in simple words can be defined as the belief or feelings which we have for oneself or what we think about our-self. Thus,self esteem shapes our overall behavior,  thoughts,attitude,decision making, motivation .

It’s the parent’s responsibility to build self esteem among kids right from the early stages of their life. It’s seen; kids with healthy self-esteem are always positive in their approach and have the attitude to work against all odds. They never give up easily and hence attain their goal easily.

However, kids with low orno self esteem,comparatively have the “I can’t attitude”. They give up easily and have negative approach .This creates frustration in them and hence have difficultly in coping up with the pressure .So, it is very important to build self confidence among kids for their overall happiness ,success and independence .

In our daily chores of life, parents need to deal with their kids positively. This in longer run, inculcates the basics to deal with the problems of life and help them to lead a happy and content life. There are various factors which help toboost self esteem in the kids

  • encourage kids to do their work and show interest in them,
  • listen to their query and guide them .Give them the options to solve their query,
  • spend time and express your love to them,
  • encourage kids to try out new things/activities,
  • give positive strokes to kids for their  efforts,
  • make them feel appreciated and special,
  • involve them in your small decision making process like purchasing grocery, choosing their  dress,
  • never say no to them instead explain them with logical reasons,
  • no comparison with friends or siblings. This creates a negative feeling of worth,
  • do not pre condition to get any work done but instead encourage them and convey them its advantages,
  • regular conversation with kids on their daily activities and problems they face,

Parents are therole modelof their kids. They learn from them and try to follow their footsteps. However, parents don’t realize,that with their daily behavior and attitude towards their family, friends and work how easily they can break self confidence of their kids. Hence, it becomes important for the parents to be conscious of their behaviour and  develop the feeling of self worth among their kids.