Tips To Handle Colic In Your Baby

Tips To Handle Colic In Your Baby – You are a new mother and you suddenly find that your infant suddenly begins to cry non stop which even lasts for two to three hours. It is a very difficult time for a mother as you really don’t know what is wrong, sometimes every way you try to pacify does not help and you really get tired and exhausted.

Sometimes you wonder whether you have been careless or not taken enough care but please don’t blame yourself or be guilty. At least 6 to 13% babies suffer from colic and now doctors believe that it is part of the development process and will gradually settle down. Colicky babies may cry for four hours daily especially in the evenings and at night.

Firstly check with your pediatrician whether the baby’s colic is caused due to any medical illnesses. First check for hernia or any medical problem, secondly check whether the stools are normal, the frequency, quantity, color and whether there is any presence of blood. You also need to check the baby weight gain and whether the sleeping and eating patterns are normal.

Some important tips to soothe a colicky baby are firstly put the baby face down on your lap and gently tap, this helps to pass gas and makes her feel better. You may even put her on a flat surface facing you and move the legs in a cycling motion. Rocking, cuddling, swaddling or singing to babies often soothes them.

Burp your babies after each feed as then tend to swallow air while feeding. In case you are breastfeeding try to avoid cabbage, cruciferous vegetables, milk products, chocolate, onions and garlic. While formula feeding check whether changing the formula helps sometimes it does.

Another way to calm down a baby is to give them a pacifier. This works most of the time so you can give it a try. When your baby is fussy change diapers, feed her properly, give juice or water and let her feel all is well. It is very difficult as a parent to handle a colicky baby. Some parents get irritated, upset and even show anger on the baby. It doesn’t make sense though, so just relax, keep your calm and the baby will soon recover.

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