Top Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

Top Tips For Breastfeeding In Public – The first step to parenting starts with breast feeding the newborn within few hours of his birth. Proper breastfeeding a newborn can be enjoyable providing ultimate satisfaction to the new mother.

Top Tips For Breastfeeding In Public

It is needless to mention the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding, as absolute breast feeding the newborn for the benefit of both the mother and the newborn has been universally acclaimed by the international health organizations.

“Breastfeed on demand”, is the usual guidance provided by the health professionals and the newborn’s demand formother’s milkis the most unpredictable thing.

A baby has every right to be fed at any time at any place, and it is the right of every mother to breastfeed her newborn at any time irrespective of the place. The family members should extend full co- operation to the mothers to nurse her newborn comfortably.

Breastfeeding in Public– The right to be asserted by every mother:
Breastfeeding in public should not be looked down as a taboo neither it can be a matter of embarrassment. Mothers mainly evade breastfeeding in publicplaceskeeping in mind the hygienic condition of the surroundings, but she has every right to breastfeed her newborn in public if situation demands.

Though women may not be comfortable enough to breastfeed in public due to social restrictions, the good news is that in US, women have been awarded the right to breastfeed in public through an Act in 1999. Breastfeeding is one of the natural choices of a woman and should not be in any case considered as an act of shame.

5 Top Tips For Breastfeeding In Public:

Following useful tips will guide you to breastfeed your newborn in public without the slightest discomfort. Watch your newborn’s feeding and sleeping times and plan for your outing accordingly. If you plan to stay out for a long time, feed your baby sufficiently before going outdoors.

Ask your partner, friend or any family member to accompany you when you are going out. Carry on with your normal conversation and behavior with your partner while breastfeeding in public.

Wear a confident attitude and select a suitable bench in the park or a less crowded corner in any public building to nurse your baby before he starts screaming in hunger. You will not feel uncomfortable in this manner and can avoid undesirable gazes from public.

Always wear a nursing bra and nursing necklacewhile going out, so that your baby will be engaged in playing with the necklace instead of pulling down your clothes with his free hand. Do not fumble with your clothes nervously drawing attention of the public.

Do not cover yourself and your baby completely in a shawl while breastfeeding. This will cause enough discomfort to your baby heating him up excessively and drawing unnecessary attention of the crowd. Instead, wear loose fitting tops and jackets to cover your baby comfortably while nursing.