Ways To Correct Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy

Ways To Correct Sagging Breasts After Pregnancy – While we welcome motherhood with open arms, there are many bodily changes accompanied by motherhood that we would rather did not exist! Sagging breasts are a problem many new mothers face. It mars their confidence and leads to depression andlow self esteem.

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in the body. While some are permanent, others are temporary and can be dealt with using correct practices. Many mothers believe that sagging of breastsis a result of breastfeeding the baby. This belief has resulted in many young and body conscious mothers preventing their babies from suckling at their breasts. The truth however, is far from reality.

Breastfeeding is a natural process that nature has bestowed upon women. It in fact helps mothers to shed the extra kilos that they have gained during pregnancy faster and helps them get back in perfect form sooner. Breastfeeding also helps mothers to retain the shape of their breasts as opposed to popular belief.

Once you start weaning off, most breast tissues regain their previous form, though slight sagging is inevitable and cannot be avoided. However, there are ways by which we can prevent extreme sagging of breasts by following these safe practices at home. It is advised never to stop breast feeding for the benefit of the mother as well as the baby. Women who breast feed their babies are known to have reduced instances of breast cancerthan women who do otherwise. Not to mention the abundant benefits the baby derives from mother’s milk!

Keep Your Breasts Well Nourished To Minimise Sagging

While you are breastfeeding, your breasts remain swollenand big. As you wean, it starts to shrink due to the reduction of milk produced in the ducts. This is the time when your breasts could sag most. To combat sagging while weaning off, it is important to keep your breasts well nourished while you breastfeed.

Nourishing will ensure that the breasts do not sag too much during the weaning process. The skin must have regained some of its elasticity while you massage the cream or oil onto the skin. You can use, cocoa butter, shea butter or olive oil for massaging. Vitamin E is also good for skin regeneration and scarring. Dab on some olive oil or other non sticky oil after a bath every day.

Breast Massage to Minimise Sagging

Massaging your breast every day will improve the blood circulation and keep them soft and supple. Every day, you can spend 15-20 minutes massaging using a good natural or homemade cream. Chemical varieties may not be a good option as you are breastfeeding. Massaging will prevent the skin from shrinking and dimpling while you are weaning. They will also minimise sagging. While you massage, make sure to use upward strokes rather than downward strokes. This will strengthen the ligaments and help them to hold the breasts firmly without falling for gravity.

Start you massage from under the breasts and move to the side, upwards. Again starting from under the breast, you can move upwards till the nipple area. Start from above the nipple and move upwards, lifting the breast tissues as you massage. Again starting from the middle, circling the areole with both your thumbs and index fingers (join the thumb and index fingers to form a diamond shape for this massage), you can radiate outwards pressing the breast backwards in all directions as you massage. Repeat these massages several times every day for great results.

Exercises to Minimise Sagging

Exercises do not have a direct impact on lifting orpreventing sagging of breasts. But chest or pectoral muscle exercises can improve the overall look of your breasts. During exercise, the pectoral and chest muscles are strengthened. This will have an impact on the breast tissues as well making them look firmer and more taut. The exercises you can try are push ups and dumbbell exercises involving the chest like a chest press. If floor push ups are difficult to attain for you, you may try doing push ups against the wall by standing.

There are easy to do exercises that are done for strengthening the ligaments of your breasts. These exercises are greatly beneficial for preventing breast sagging to a great extent. Cup the underside of your breasts using your palms. Lift them up to a position where they originally were when they were taut and perky. Hold them in that position for 20 seconds and remove your hands. This is for strengthening the ligaments underneath the breasts so that they support the breasts without sagging.

Proper Feeding Positions for Minimising Sagging

Proper feeding positions can minimise sagging to a certain extent. Most mothers position their babies in such a way that they suck by pulling the nipple downwards. This will definitely lead to sagging. While breastfeeding, you can keep a high pillow to position the baby’s mouth in level with your nipple. This will enable the baby to suckoutwards, preventing sagging. You could also try placing your palm under the breast andholding it up for the baby while feeding. This gives the right support for the breasts while you breastfeed.

Using the Right Bra Support for Minimising Sagging

Lactating breasts are prone to sagging and hence require adequate support at all times. Ensure that you get the right cup size while you choose bras. They must also offer good band or wiring support underneath toprevent sagging. The straps too can be wider to effectively hold the weight of your breasts without causing pain on your shoulders and breasts.

However, a word of caution here.Lactating breasts should not be constricted in such a way that the milk ducts get clogged due to lack of blood circulation. It is important to have enough looseness around the breasts to prevent occurrences of Mastitisand abscess formations.

Following these practices during breastfeeding and afterwards will surely minimize sagging greatly, leaving you with no great cause for worry. Breast feeding and motherhood are times for enjoyment. Being weighed down by other thoughts will take the charm and exhilaration away from mothers. Ensure that you have a wonderfulbonding time with your babythrough breastfeeding.

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