Ways to Get Pregnant with a Baby Boy Naturally

Ways to Get Pregnant with a Baby Boy Naturally – So you want get pregnant with a baby boy. For your knowledge, there is a scientific and a natural way to have a baby boy. There are many gender selection facilities which offer you the freedom to select the gender of your baby. Of course they can back their claims with guarantees.

Ways to Get Pregnant with a Baby Boy Naturally

Using the method of pre-implantation gender selection using IVF or in vitro fertilization is too expensive and beyond the reach of many. For those who can’t afford such scientific method of gender selection, considering the natural method of gender selection is worthwhile even though it cannot deliver accurate results.

For those couples desiring a baby boy, first they must understand the basics of male sperm and female sperm and also have a good understanding of ovulation and its timings. Male sperms are smaller than female sperms and also travel faster but they do not last beyond two days.

Female sperms are heavier and hence slower than their male counterparts. However, they can survive for three to five days. Now coming to ovulation, it is something which happens fourteen days before your menstrual period. You never know when exactly your period is going to come.

To predict this, you can buy an ovulation predictor kit. Now that you know ovulation is happening, you can have sexual intercourse on the very day of ovulation and the next day to get pregnant with a boy. Once the egg is released, the faster traveling male sperm outrace the female sperm to fertilize the egg. Beyond these two days, the male sperms will not survive and the female sperms will take the advantage.

Again, couples wanting to know how to become pregnant with a baby boy naturally should also have an idea about the vaginal environment. Male sperms flourish in an alkaline environment and the vagina is known to be more alkaline close to the cervix.

So a deep vaginal penetration can help your cause. Try a sexual position which allows maximum penetration. Some women also use weak alkaline douches just before having intercourse. So why wait, invest in an ovulation kit today and armed with all these information and tips, you can give nature a helping hand to get pregnant with a baby boy.

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