What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy?

What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy? – Pregnant, am I? You might be asking your self this question in the early stages of pregnancy. Your body is there is tell you. All that you need to do is look for those signs you body sends out and understand them.

Each woman is unique in herself and so are her signs of pregnancy. So how does one interpret those signs? We will take a look at some common symptoms that might help you read them.

Frequent urination: You might realise that your requirement to visit the restroom has increased. This is because the uterusstarts expanding building up pressure on the bladder.

Feeling of exhaustion: The increased levels of progesterone may trigger the feeling of exhaustion to creep in sooner than normal. You might just have done a day’s work but you might feel like having drained your self out.

Areola becomes darker: The skin around the areola may start turning a darker shade. This may also be due to hormonal imbalances and have nothing to do with pregnancy.

Spot bleeding: Around 8 to 12 days after ovulation you may experience spot bleeding or vaginal bleeding.

Nausea: It is also called morning sickness but unlike its name it may hit at any time during the day.

Missed period: A missed period is one of the most common signs that you can look out for.

Bloated feeling: Pregnancy brings about many hormonal changes in the body. This can often leave you with a bloated feeling. Accompanied with a missed period this can be a sure sign of pregnancy. Your waistline might be outgrowing your clothes.

Sensitive and swollen breasts: The body starts changing, preparing for the baby. This can be noticed in the change of your breasts. They become swollen, sensitive, and tender.

Food cravings: This is not a very common sign and cannot be very reliable either but some women do experience a sudden surge in their cravings for food. However, if these craving are accompanied by any other sign then there sure is need for you get this

Constipation: The increased levels of progesterone result in food passing through the intestine at a slower rate leading to constipation.

Mood swings: Your mood is not in your control many a times. This is due to the sudden rush of hormones. Minor things might get on to your nerves.

Positive home test: Wait for a week after you have missed a period and carry out the home pregnancy test. If it shows positive
then you are on the way to start a family and should fix up an appointment with a doctor.

Understand your body and look out for the minor changes that take place. Your body might be trying to tell you many things. These early pregnancy symptoms are mere signs that your body sends out to you. To get a confirmed result it is always best to visit your doctor.

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